5 Modern Trim Ideas to Freshen Up Your Furniture

Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, fringes and trims were dripping off of chairs, loveseats, sofas, table edges, drapes and any other surface  to which you could attach them. It got to be way too much visual noise. To this day, some people still think adding dangly trim makes a piece of furniture very fancy. Personally, I feel that it draws the eye away from what should be a the lines and shape of a fabulous piece of furniture upholstered with just the right fabric.  However, the fabric and trim companies have  slowly been catching up to modern shapes and lines and are adding a new feel with modern trims that can enhance, but not steal the show. They simply have to find a way to get back into the trim game. There’s too much money to be had with exquisite additions to drapes and furniture.

Here are 5 trim trends I noticed while traveling around the internet. From my hunting, I discovered that this is an under served product market, there just aren’t that many choices nor clever uses of new trims on upholstered pieces.  Seeing what DOES NOT exist did ignite some creative ideas for trims that could make a grand entrance.

The multi-colored pom pom trim (above) might not seem look new, but pom poms are making a big comeback in multi colors and sizes. It’s the Morroccan, ethnic, tribal themes that have brought in a new generation of pom poms and tassels.  Decoist.com has oodles of pillows all trimmed up in fun danglies.  This should get you started until you have more time to start creating something like these ovesized tassels made with ping pong balls. See tutorial here.  Packed with style, I can say from personal experience, these are not very practical. But sometimes practicality has to go by the way side for impact, don’t you think? And these can be used on just about everything. Oversized pompoms are another great yarn bauble. You can string those all over the house. See how they’re made here.


Jumbo Yarn Tassels on Floor Pillows


 Next up is a wide serpentine band used as the entire boxing for square cushions. Even though sewing the trim into the top and bottom cushion ‘plates’ would present a challenge, BRAVO! for the original use of an otherwise conventional flat, woven trim. The color pallet could be amped up, but it’s a muted start.

Definition of plates. Noun.  – The identical top and bottom cut fabric pieces for cushions or pillows.

Cushions with Trim as Boxing


The trim on these rattan stools caught my eye because the smart look could be so simply knocked off by a DIY savvy soul. It could be as simple as winding recyclable polystrand (or any other kind of trim) around the intersections of a plain old wooden stool. The black and white caps on these bamboo stools, along with the accent trim really dress up these kitchen counter workhorses. It wouldn’t be too difficult to get creative with some thrift store finds. These types of stools, the vintage variety, are plentiful around here.
Trends in Trim3

This is a trick I’ve used many times. Flat twill tape in different colors, or another flat braid can be stitched (or glued) in place in an easy design. The only thing is, with most flat braids, you’ll have to be creating right angles only. Some braided trim will yield to curves, but most do not. This is an inexpensive way to add unique style to any piece of upholstered furniture. I’m referring to the pillow on the sofa here.

Applied flat trim


Here’s a trim that is really not a trim, but it should be. It’s the end of a key chain, but when I first spied it, I mistakenly thought it might be trim. Then, I thought, “hey, why not?” This kind of thing can send you off on an original embellishment that NOBODY has done yet. Just make sure it turns out spectacular!

Leather Key Chain Trim Ideas


This is just a start and as I said, I was looking for trims that are unusual, but they are not plentiful.

My suggestion: There’s room in the market for new, refreshed trim company. Maybe that’s your next move.