An Interview with Andrea Mihalik of Wild Chairy

Well, I’ve jumped into the visually dangerous world of Skype video interviews. Whether I want to proceed with video interviews, or less visually threatening simple audio podcasts is yet to be determined.

Today’s interview with Andrea Mihalik, founder and owner of Wild Chairy, will let you see how delightful and easy going she is. I had the pleasure of visiting Andrea in her Philadelphia studio last September.  Almost a year later, in what will hopefully be a series of planned podcasts, Andrea kindly agreed to let me test out my interviewing capabilities on her.

I can’t go any further without telling a little story about this video. It was about 99 degrees outside and inside of my shop. In order to have it quiet for the interview, I had to cut the air conditioning. So, as the interview went on with Andrea sitting calm, cool, and collected in what looked like her lovely living room, I gradually started to sweat like there was no tomorrow in my hot, stuffy shop. By the end, I was ‘lit-rully’ dripping. Oh boy! That’s how we learn, right?!  You can bet your life that I’ll be set up in my air conditioned living room for the next one.

Enjoy the interview and be sure to visit Andrea over at