Flipping Furniture Starts June 1

I’ll tell you right here and now that this post is about my Flipping Furniture online class. You can read all about it to see how people just like you have taken their hobby and turned it into a profit making small business. The reason I’m shamefully promoting it is because it’s the path my life took after I had my third baby and needed a way to earn a little bit of extra money, as well as to have a creative outlet. (Long days with three little dumplings underfoot). I wouldn’t trade those sweet days for anything. In fact, I often long for the days of toting them around with me on errands and such.
But don’t look back, you know how they say? I couldn’t love my life any more than I do right now. Those three cherubs are all grown up and live all over the world. Good thing I got started early on the business that would be my second career. Well, actually, my fourth. First of all, I was a paralegal, then upholsterer for something like a billion years, then a blogger, now an upholstery teacher and videographer. And it all started with my own Furniture Flipping business back in the late 1990’s. I could have never guessed that I’d end up where I am now.

Flipping Furniture Online Course
So, I’ve gathered up all of the tips, know-how and advice on how to make sense out of buying, transforming and selling furniture redesigns. I figured out that there is a method to this apparent madness of flea markets, big websites, art shows and local retail shops. Not to mention how much interior designers are willing to pay top dollar for unique and sophisticated one of a kind pieces of furniture.

In order to sell your wares, you need to understand the market. I teach you all about that in this six week online course. ONLINE!! You can curl up at night, sit in your bed and take the course at your convenience. Instead of me telling you about it, why don’t you just read about it right HERE?!