Hand Stitched Leather Furniture

Before we had industrial sewing machines that can practically stitch two pieces of concrete together, hardy craftsmen were quite adept at hand stitching leather upholstery and other durable goods. At the time, they probably only dreamed of a machine that could sew their wares, while today, we’re all coveting the fine look of handcrafted and stitched leather goods. You know when your eye catches something spectacular, you involuntarily do a double take. That’s what happened when I spied these pieces of leather. Just WOW!

Upholstery Club | Leather Details


Upholstery Club | Hand Stitched Leather


Upholstery Club | Hand Stitched Leather Bench


Upholstery Club | Hand Stitched Leather Chair

Upholstery Club | Sewn Leather Chair Pad


Upholstery Club | Stitched Leather Tassels


Upholstery Club | Hand Stitching leather


Featured Image at the top: Tim Clark Design

For an excellent tutorial on hand stitching thick leather, click here. It’s from a website called Highonglue.com.

Upholstery Club | Hand Stitching Leather

And just for fun, here’s a nice little YouTube video tutorial to show you how to stitch leather. Let me warn you that this guy talks a lot. He doesn’t even start the leather work until about 8 minutes in, and the stitching starts at around 13.