Modern Upholstered Art by Antonio Marongiu

Fabric covered welt cord adds detail, design and a practical element to upholstered furniture. Upholsterers play around with pattern and contrast using welt cord, but this welt cord treatment around a plain black dining room chair is a first. Milan upholsterer Antonio Marongiu could have played it safe and predictable and just used red cording all around seat top, but instead opted for red straightaways and black corners. This was simple and brilliant. It gives the solid black upholstery fabric a bright red punch and an edgy sophistication. Well, he is Italian.

It appears that Antonio’s work leans a little towards MCM. There just aren’t that many upholsterers who understand the intricacies of that era of furniture.   Antonio obviously has an artistic flair along with impeccable upholstery skills.

Modern Upholstery Details by Antonio Marongiu



Antonio Marongiu Tappezeria2

If you’ve ever tried upholstering MCM chairs like these, you know how difficult it is to get the fabric nice and snug. Well done Antonio!

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How to make single welt cord.