Textural Healing


The most exquisitely interesting things I find are usually discovered on the road to somewhere else. I think that’s a fair statement. As was the case as I was hunting down upholstered banquettes when I spied these pieces of multi textural deliciousness created by artist and weaver Janelle Pietrzak of All Roads Design, LA. Not everyone gets completely excited about tactile variety, but it happens to delight me. Being an upholsterer and textile purveyor, I’m always thinking of how unusual textiles can be used as upholstery fabric. Mind you, not every piece of furniture has to be functional–sometimes it can just BE. Furniture can be art, textiles can be art, upholstery can be art. A chair upholstered in a handwoven textile can be an exceptional piece of art.

Upholstery Club|Textural Healing



Janelle, a textile artist, worked for ten years in fashion design. She signed up for a weaving class to refresh her creativity and quickly fell in love with it.

Janelle and Robert Dougherty, the twosome behind All Roads Design met when she was apprenticing on the weekends at his Philadelphia vintage motorcycle shop. It didn’t take long for them to put their skills and talents together to create to start creating art.

Here’s what you get when you combine a wood and metal fabricator with a textile designer.

Upholstery Club|Textural Healing

Janelle has also collaborated with the likes of Anthropologie, JCrew, One King’s Lane, among others.

To read and learn more about Janelle’s unfolding and evolving woven textile art, visit All Roads Design.